Medieval Illumination

Illumination (meaning: “coloring images”) developed from the 8th to 16th centuries as the art of enhancing the beauty of manuscripts. As printing took over, the demand for hand painted books slowly faded, leading to the quasi disappearance of the illuminator’s art.

To retrace this knowledge, Arveil collected recipes for original mediums and binders in ancient treatises and tested those recipes at her studio. Tools, paints, and processes are reproduced, in the rhythm and spirit of work of the medieval Scriptoria. In Paris, Arveil could present her replicas to Mr. François Avril, then Curator of the Rare Manuscripts Collection at the National Library, who encouraged her work.

Since then, her replicas or original creations of Illuminations have received numerous commissions. In 1998 -2000, Arveil was on faculty at the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, teaching a Medieval Illumination studio.

Earlier Works